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Hetalia X Readers by Maple-Pocky

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December 6, 2012
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*WARNING*: Mature language


Oh God... I held my hand up to my head. I was sitting in bed, and my head was pounding. "Fucking colds..." I covered my mouth for another miserable coughing fit. Just then did I remember...
"SHIT! I was supposed to go ice-skating with Canada today." I facepalmed. How could I forget about Canada? Then again... most people do... But I usually never do. "I better call him and tell him I can't make it." I dragged my hand from under the covers and flung it over to my nightstand. I picked up my phone with whatever strength I had left and dialed his number. It didn't ring for too long.
"Hello?" greeted his sweet, soft voice.
"Hi, Mattie. It's me, _____," I forced myself to answer, trying to hold back another cough.
"Oh, hi, _____!" I could almost feel him smiling over the phone. "What's wrong? You don't sound too well..."
He's always worried about me... "Oh, about that. I'm sorry I can't come ice-skating today with you. I have a really bad cold." I couldn't hold it back anymore, and I broke into yet another terrible coughing fit.
"Oh my. Well, I think I should go back then. I need to check if you're alright." He sounded full of worry. And it was so sweet.
"Oh, you don't have to come back home. You can enjoy your day out. I'll be fine," I tried to persuade him. It didn't seem to work though.
"No. You sound really bad. I need to take care of you. I'll be there in about a half an hour, okay?" He was persistent. No use in fighting him.
"Okay, thanks. Goodbye." I hung up and slammed my hand against the nightstand again. Ow, my head. After slowly snuggling myself back up in the sheets, I fell asleep again.
"_-____?" a familiar, kind voice softly called out. I opened my eyes and looked to the entrance of my room, and there he was. He had a concerned look in his eyes, and he was still in his heavy coat. Kumijirou, of course, was being carried in his hands.
"Oh, hi, Canada." I sat myself up with my elbows and layed my head against the headboard. He walked over to the foot of the bed and sat down.
"I didn't wake you, did I?" he asked, setting Kumijirou down next to me.
I lifted my hand and pet the little polar bear. "No, I'm fine," I replied, slightly coughing.
"Do you hurt anywhere?" Canada asked, scooting a little closer to my feet.
"Well, pretty much all over, kind of..." I rasped out, rubbing the back of my neck.
He bent over and put his lips to my forehead, and of course... I could feel my cheeks already radiating some kind of extreme heat. When he pulled back, he put his hand on my arm.
"It looks like you have a pretty bad fever... And your skin is really warm." He looked a bit more worried for me than before.
"And my throat hurts really bad." I balled my hand into a fist and covered my mouth again. I tried not to cough in his direction, as well.
"I don't think you have a cold, _____. I think it's the flu." He took off his coat and slung it over the foot of the bed.
"Oh... th-the flu?" I started coughing like crazy, again.
"Yeah... Here, I'll be right back," he said, getting up and heading out of the room in the direction of the kitchen.
A few minutes later he came back with a glass of water, which he set on my nightstand. I sat up more and drank some.
"Is there anything else I can get you?" he asked, smiling slightly.
"Not anything I can think of," I replied, trying not to be a bother for him.
"Are you hungry?" he asked. Why does he care about me so much?!
"Well... A little bit."
"Okay... I-I'll go make you some soup," he offered.
"The Canadian way?" I said, giggling like an idiot. God, that was stupid... Why'd I say that?
Canada chuckled a bit and walked back to the kitchen. Of course, after a minute or two, I fell back asleep.
I heard the door creak open slowly. "_-_____? Are you awake?" came his voice.
I opened my eyes and looked at the door. "Yeah," I rasped, forcing myself to sit up again.
Canada walked over and sat next to me on the bed, a bowl of soup in his hands.
"Ah, thank you," I said, smiling at him. He picked up the spoon and raised it to my lips. "Oh... you don't have to feed me...." I said, smiling. This is too adorable.
"But... I want to," he replied.
Of course I didn't fight him~
Once I had finished my soup, Canada set the bowl on the nightstand, plopped down next  to me on the bed. He rolled over to look at me, his beautiful violet-blue eyes meeting my (eye colour) ones.
"Hi," I said, giggling.
He chuckled a bit, but then he had a more serious look on his face... "_-_____?"
"Mm?" I tried not to cough again...
"I... want to tell you something," he said, blushing slightly.
"You can tell me anything, Matthew," I replied, rubbing the back of my neck.
"W-well," he hesitated, looking straight at me, though. "I love you. Yes, I said it... L-LOVE. I fell in love at first sight. I have been trying to hold it in, but I need to tell you how I feel... I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine; only mine. I'll show you off to the world. I promise you will be my one and only. One chance is all I ask for. Please." By then, his face was the deepest shade of red I had ever seen...
Whoa... He... really does love me. I didn't know what to say. All I could think about was if this were real or not.
"I-I love you, too. Very much." That probably sounded strange... but at least I got my point out.
He looked at me through those glasses again, and I could help myself. I wrapped my arms around him, snuggling into his chest. Just then, he pulled me back, but quickly planted his lips to mine in the sweetest kiss ever.
After we pulled back, I looked at him and giggled. "You are going to be... so sick."
"Honestly... If I'm with you... I don't mind, mon amour," he replied in the sweetest voice ever. Oh, why did he have to speak in French~? Not like I minded it though...
Please read! c:
Mmm.... Reader-chan... you know you want that soup~
Welp, somewhat request from *Cloudwingofsnowclan. ^^; 'Somewhat' because I really wanted to write this.... XD
Sorry I didn't get this done sooner! :iconfacedeskforeverplz: I've been pretty busy again, lately.
Well, enjoy~
Also, I wanted to add a hilarious extended ending SO BAD... but I had no ideas... ;7; Wanna throw one out there for me?

So, if you guys want to request one of these, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask! I really feel like writing another! ^^

Lolwot. Okay, my friend read this and then she drew this to go with it. XD [link]

Story(c) Me
Hetalia(c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You(c) You.... or Russia :iconrussiarapefaceplz:
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bunnylove2 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I feel like I should really watch Hetalia, tho i think id be derping everytime i see canada. :iconblushplz:
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afghan-bleat-yeah Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you! ^^
If you want, here's a link to the English dub! [link] I prefer it better than the sub.
But here's the English sub as well. XD [link]
And yes, Canada is adorbs~ :iconcblushplz:

NOT A PROBLEM! :iconexciteddummyplz:
bunnylove2 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No prob :3
Thanks, I'll start watching after I finish D Gray Man for a friend who wants me to. XD
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afghan-bleat-yeah Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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But, I'm kind of on a writer's block, so if you have any ideas for plot, or anything else, it would help a great deal! ^^;
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