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==> Enter Name.

Zingledorp Slashnap

Try Again, Smartass.

█ 10% white
██ 20% pussy ass bitch
███ 30% eating pomegranate pistachios
████ 40% they're spicy for some fucking reason
█████ 50% disgusting
██████ 60% honkey
███████ 70% smelly snot
████████ 80% why is there cat training pads on the floor
█████████ 90% worms
██████████ 100% white ass cracker


-17. trans boy. please use masculine pronouns.

-single. frsh out of an abusive relationship. dont try to get fresh with me

-5'6" yo.

-country music sucks

-pansexual heteroromantic to make it simple

-I REALLY LIKE GORE. i'll draw it sometimes, but I add trigger warnings in the description, and tag it as "Mature Content". i also draw things like nudity; i might post those sometimes, but i'll tag it and stuff as well.

-i'm not creative so give me suggestions

-i'm otherkin (machinekin) and fictionkin (Dave Strider from Homestuck)

-i also have a tumblr;

My birthday badge
tagged by catkiddo69


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you, and make up 10 question for the 10 you tagged.
4. Choose 10 people and put them in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag backs.
7. You MUST make a journal entry

1. my birthday is on SEPTEMBER 3 !!! HEY
2. my new fav colour is vermillion
3. im really reaally fucking  fickin of Dave Strider you have no idea i feel so mcuh
4. i have a new affinity for apples
5. i dont like going to the beach for the beach i just like going to the beach for the atmosphere or a beach house
6. i like the names ira and penelope?????????? idk why dont ask plz 
7. im looking for CUTE GIRLS in MY AREA who are willing to put up with my homestuck trash ass and probably do coupl e cosplays with me please
8. i still lowkey love hetalia ;"(
9. i wanna draw rn
10. i never have motivation to though lol

1. whats your favorite cartoon and when did you first watch it?
STEVEN UNIVERSE. i first started watching it.. man idk maybe in april or may??
2. are you bi/multilingual? are you studying a language right now? what language(s)??
i know a good amount of Spanish, but that's it :"(
3. what song do you think fits you the most?
4. whats your strangest interest? do you think its strange or do you just hear that from other people?
uhhh. idk?? i mean i like RPing but idk if that's very weird
5. what was your first video game system? if you dont have a video game system, is there a game you play online?
the sega dreamcast but i DONT HAVE IT ANYMORE ;(
6. what kind of fingerprints do you have??? click here!!
tented arch?? i'm not sure its hard to tell
7. favorite pokemon??
8. do you have good rhythm or do you find yourself always off beat?
i'm pretty good with bein ON beat B)
9. ice cream or popsicles?
ice cream. fuck popsicles
10. when/where are you most comfortable?
at home on my bed and either RPing or talking to my friends

1. What do you do for fun?
2. Do you like Chinese takeout?
3. What's your favourite word?
4. Thoughts on Donald Trump's face??/
5. Ever had goat cheese? What's it taste like?
6. EGG SHIT????
7. How's the name Malinko??????
8. Dublin
9. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whatgs Guy Fieri's REAL name?
10. Favourite movie?

:iconscritched: and :iconmupapapam: bc theyre the only other ppl i know thta haven't been tagged yet

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